Charles Manson
è conosciuto in tutto il mondo come uno spietato serial killer, in pochi sanno che in realtà non ha mai ucciso nessuno. Simbolo del Male ed icona della malvagità, Manson è ormai diventato un mito contemporaneo e le verità della sua storia si perdono nella leggenda e nell'aneddotica.
Questo Blog non vuole in ogni caso occuparsi di violenza e di fatti di sangue, ma di musica, perchè Charles Manson prima ancora di essere implicato nel drammatico caso Tate-LaBianca è stato ed è tutt'oggi un musicista. Qui troverete una descrizione di tutti gli album di Manson e della sua comune, la Family. Quando possibile ci sarà anche un link per ascoltare o scaricare i pezzi.
Tutto questo per far conoscere anche in Italia la musica di un uomo che, date le circostanze, non ha avuto la possibilità di esprimere la sua arte.

The Way Of The Wolf Lyrics


When the day is done I go to bed
I place my hands beneath my head
Close my eyes twilight blue
And board my dream train back home to you
Back to you Luke the Drifter, Hank Williams
There was a time
When I was lonely and I was up and down the lonesome highway
And Lefty Frizzell... ten years ago on a cold dark night
The scaffold was here in eternal light
Someone was killed somewhere in the county jail
And it was a jailhouse rock for some other jammer
Who was jamming some cock up somebody's nosehole
Now Elvis, the epitome of fake phony jive on freak
You made a laughing stock of country music
You took away my cowboy feet
You thought you had someone's heartbeat
But Lefty Frizzell and Hank Williams was riding that train
And then there was Woody Guthrie he used to sing
He'd sing them fools right to insane
Listening to the radio
My Oklahoma angel you know I know
We played the music down deep in the hole
You gave me just a little of your soul
And now left me down in the hole to get old
But it's all right angel love
My Oklahoma angel love
I remember when you taught me this song
Woke up this morning and I grabbed my shoes
Way out running to get the news
I looked in the paper the first thing I saw
Was an interruption
And then from that interruption that you see in the sound on this tape
We're gonna move around and try to get back in the groove, try to get this done pretty soon.


If you enjoy what you do
When you do it, it's called survive
If you do what you do for yourself come through
See the one you alive
And see the one
And see the one
The one inside each one of some of say the none
The none is on side the sum of some
The summer sun is the sun
And it keeps going around through around
And I keep looping back from around
To around and around and I know you know me baby
Yeah you know me baby
Yeah you know my sound.
Down deep down inside your soul man
Down deep deep down you know you know
You know you know you know you know
And I bring it on through
You know that everything you know to be is true
You know...
If you're brand new and you start over today
And you're doing one day at a time
Works on better and did me a square and think about
I'm doin' fine, I'm doin' fine always been wherever I was
And was doin' fine... way behind
I keep doin' fine...
But I'd do better if I had some of all that you know I'm lonesome for
Of all of you know we had
All the love was always there
Beyond the good and the bad
From a hobo sleepin' in the dirt
To the queen runnin' round with no shirt
Trying to find a win
Trying to find a win
Trying to find a win
All they want I just wanted for fun
You can have it, it was always in the one
Kings and queens and things on strings
Universal hole I see through
Stars I know stars
Things on wings that fly so far
But I see stars
Stars in Kentucky
Stars in Tenessee
Way up high on the Brushy Mountain
I've been free with me now
I've been free with thee now

Well it's early this morning and I'm waiting
For something that they call a visit
So I can go out and see my friend
Did you ever have a friend?
One that wouldn't bite you in the back
One that wouldn't lie to you
Or cheat you or uh, push you off the track
Did you ever have a friend
Who you could count on and you knew
That when you was in trouble
That that friend would come on through.
If your mind keeps on moving in the back
And you know that my train is on the track
Yes you know that I went I'm comin' back
Then you see it's forever on no slack
You know it's through all ways and hallways
Of call ways of always and all ways
And always as far as far as far can go...
So when you're out by the roadside drinkin' that shine
Movin' on that highway and climbin' on my mind
Waiting on a whorehouse
Dreaming on door mouse
You see the poor cows
Down by the lower lots
He's on in San Jose
Down by the river side
In Knoxville town
They killed that
And knocked it down
They moved it through and the river moved it around

And walked on down
Walkin' on now now...
Walkin' on now now now...
Walkin' on now now now...
Walkin' on down...
Out by the cornbread
Over by the woodshed
Over by the who said
By what someone told you
Someone told you they told you something that somebody said.


Spoken Intro: I wanted to make you a tape in the proper perspective, but it seems like my surroundings is always mired in some sort of confusion. And on the reverse side of that, it would be that I appear to be confused. So I'll leave it up to you to uh, think...

In your music mind
How long is forever
Think in your music mind
Down through all you've ever heard
Coming through your ear now
I can reminisce and remember
I can reminisce and remember
I can reminisce and remember
My feelings spent with you
All my music
How can i feel my soul again
All my music
Can you feel my music now within
Growing every day
Growing every day
Growing every day
'Cause i'm on the line... man
On the frontiers of electronic fears
You can see me
Here on this tape
I keep moving my mind in the sound
That would split through
The blind into beyond eyes in you
In through and back to you
Around and under and back over and through
And coming back again
On the frontier
Of making new sound
Think in new waves of dreams coming back
Just old dreams.

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